Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Designs

When designing the bathroom, it is necessary to take into account the style, the materials to be applied on floors and walls, as well as the colors, but above all the functional aspect, that is, where the toilets, the shower or tub, as well as the lighting and ventilation, finally the accessories that complement the decoration. Next we will know the ideas and images that will allow us to achieve a good bathroom design and decoration.

In bathrooms of 3.00 M2 (minimum total area) it is advisable to use light colors in tiles or ceramics, in areas such as the ceiling it is recommended to also use a light color tone, in this way you will have a feeling of spaciousness to the environment and more when it comes to small areas like the bathroom.

Before starting the remodeling or construction of your new bathroom, it is necessary to be clear about what style is going to be applied to this space, minimalist styles are in fashion, modern ones with their large mirrors and combination of color nuances as well as lighting Artificial behind the bathroom furniture give it a sophisticated look, the rustic style can be applied to country houses or make a nuanced with the other styles, with the photos that we publish you can complement the ideas to develop it.

Natural lighting is important in bathrooms, which is why you must allow the sun’s rays to pass through, for this avoid using dark acrylic curtains or doors in the showers or tubs, instead use completely translucent colors.

If your bathroom is very small, do not try to buy large toilets, no matter how beautiful and colorful they seem, it is better to choose toilets with the appropriate measures according to the size of the bathroom.

In bathroom colors you will find infinite tones if you choose ceramic materials or porcelain tiles, colors such as blue and green give a feeling of freshness, white and neutral tones are used a lot in minimalist decoration, colors such as black and bright a luxurious appearance.

The accessories complement the design of the bathroom and its use is functional such as the towel rail, soap dish, roll holder; It is advisable to look for accessories with materials that complement the decoration, there are wood and acrylic that can give a special touch to the design, details to take into account.

One tip, the showers or tubs must go to the end of the bathroom, and the doors must have the appropriate dimension, in small bathrooms a door with a width of 0.70 cm allows its turning radius not to rub against the sink.

Before making the budget for the bathroom remodeling, measure the width, length and height with a metric winch, make a sketch where the points of water, electricity and drainage are indicated, with these data a home center can make a budget for you exact total cost of materials; With the sketch data – if you are going to hire a bricklayer for the tiling – she will quickly give you the budget for the work to be done.

Safety is important in bathrooms, so do not forget to install grab bars, as well as non-slip floors, if there are people of legal age they will appreciate these changes.

If the bathroom window is small it does not allow to extract odors and humidity, you can install a bathroom extractor fan, these are inexpensive and can help you save on moisture repairs on walls and ceiling, in addition to eliminating odors quickly.

For modern, minimalist, classic or rustic bathrooms you must take into account the color and textures to apply to each style, thus we have:

Modern bathrooms

It is characterized by the use of a variety of colors and textures as well as the use of state-of-the-art toilets and accessories, large mirrors and artificial lighting that is directed towards objectives and not only around the mirror can be used.

Minimalist bathrooms

This style dispenses with ornaments and textures, the choice of tiles is mostly white or cream and straight textures, it is one of the styles that is in fashion.

Rustic bathrooms

In the decoration of a rustic bathroom, elements of nature are used such as wood that shows its texture and natural color, unfinished taps are also included in the equipment, the color of the walls is usually shades of brown or green.

Decoration and design of small bathrooms

When renovating small bathrooms to give them a new look, the color factor of ceramic materials must be taken into account, light and bright colors provide greater luminosity and an elegant style (brightness is associated with luxury in decoration), small modern bathrooms should be equipped with translucent elements that allow free passage of natural light, therefore avoid using blackout curtains or glass in the decoration.