Bathroom Remodeling

To be able to design a modern bathroom, either you have the experience in interior architecture, or you can hire a professional like myself that have several years of experience on this field.  I will love for you to get inspire by simply checking some of these bathroom designs I have completed.

Wood Floor

Wood is always a stylish material for your flooring. Something like a chameleon, it has the power to transform a space depending on the color and finish. “Wood floors add warmth, texture, and sophistication to a space, and they can also set a tone or attitude,” said Nancy J. Ruddy, co-founder and chief executive officer of interior design at architecture and design firm CetraRuddy, based in Manhattan.

There is a refinement in appearance that is unparalleled. “They add elegance and warmth in a way that no other material can. It’s a understated wealth like a good cashmere sweater.

Marble Floors

When we decorate a space, it’s like putting makeup on it to highlight its beauty within the decoration process.  That’s how I see it.

It is recommended that each space stand out with its own beauty and light. In order to truly achieve this objective, as with makeup for the face, it is necessary to choose the most suitable shades. Those that best suits the colors or the walls, the furniture and, of course, the style of Décor that has been chosen.

Porcelain Floors

Porcelain Tile is one of the favorite materials for the construction and decoration of a house/office. Its versatility in color and the diversity that can be given to its finish, the ability to imitate materials such as marble, wood and tile, makes it a very highly used material. It can also lower the cost of decoration to maintain any style to perfection.

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